Our namesake: Kenneth Divich

Kenneth Divich was a long time educator and community leader in Southern Nevada. He is best known and remembered for helping students who had challenges in life and school succeed, spending most of his career assisting students that were often the most difficult to help.

Mr. Divich moved to Las Vegas from West Virginia in 1962 and soon created some of the first methods to reach at-risk students. He served the Clark County School District for over 30 years, spending the majority of his career as a teacher, counselor, and coach at Rancho High School. He also served honorably in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and today, his grandchildren go to schools across the Las Vegas Valley.

In so many ways, our mascot The Knight represents the qualities that Mr. Divich exemplified in his career as an educator. He was always in service to others, standing up and looking out for those who needed it most. His persistence when facing a challenge, his leadership in his community, and his integrity are qualities we will strive to install in all Divich Knights.

Our motto:
Empowering students to be champions of their own success

Lead. Persevere. Succeed!